Monday, July 1, 2013

Beer Tasting: Hangar 24's Essence

Hangar 24's Essence beerI have always loved Hangar 24's Local Fields series of beers, which utilizes locally harvested fruits (and in the case of their delicious winter Warmer, spruce from nearby mountain forests.) The summer Essence is no exception. A substantial IPA that clocks in with over 8% ABV & 75 IBUs, I loved how its distinct hoppiness is balanced by the bright, refreshing aroma of citrus (from Redlands-grown grapefruits, blood and navel oranges.)

However, don't mistake this for squeezing a wedge of orange into the likes of Shock Tops and Blue Moons, Essence is rather dry with a bracing bitterness and a heftier-than-norm body. Think of it as a more masculine cousin of their year-round and ever-popular Orange Wheat (another great warm weather beer that's approachable and worth trying, particularly for those used to the "orange in my Belgian-style wit" crowd.)

So get it while summer's still around. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to its autumnal Gourdgeous.

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