Saturday, July 13, 2013

Keeping Fitness Fun...

I've never been one of those exercise-obsessed folks, but I'm aware - as someone who eats & drinks enthusiastically - an active lifestyle should probably be a priority to keep the scales in balance (metaphorically & literally.)

For me, the best way to do that is to keep that lifestyle fun, so I don't start dreading the routines and consequently, make excuses to avoid it altogether. And given the pleasantness of this summer, here are a few things I've been doing regularly to keep fit & have fun doing it.
Urbanhiking - which also makes for a great opportunity to check out the various scenes of the city that's too often ignored when we just whiz by on wheels.
Not-so-urban (purists will call this "real") hiking - for those times when I just want to escape from the city and get an extra challenge from rocky trails & hilly inclines.
Rollerblading - my more convenient alternative to biking, since I don't have to dismantle/reassemble anything or have to install a rack on my car.
Playing dance performance games (Dance Dance Revolution/Pump It Up/In The Groove) - still the first cardio exercise that I ever truly loved. I only this doesn't do me any wonders on a real dance floor but at least I have a better sense of rhythm & beat.
Tennis - another early exercise love from my grade school days, though I guess I should invest in a new grip.

While these are my favorites, there are still routines I do because of their proven effectiveness (running for calorie burn, weightlifting for strength, pilates/yoga for flexibility, etc.) But it's always reassuring to know that I still have a mix of enjoyable exercises to swap in when I feel like having more fun instead (while still helping me keep fit.)

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