Monday, October 14, 2013

Pitfire Pizza's Cocktail Menu Launch

Since it opened—especially in the closest-to-me downtown LA location—Pitfire Pizza's been one of my regular go-tos for pizzas and pastas without the full service fuss. The ingredients are fresh, the menu changes with the seasons and it feels a lot less cookie cutter than the other fast casual pizza restaurants around town.

And I love their selection of unique & affordable craft beers, eclectic wines and refreshing sangrias.

But the Fairfax/West Hollywood location is taking their bar one step further this past week, and here's a hint from their storefront...
Fairfax Pitfire Pizza Exterior
...that's right, a full bar with cocktails. Even better yet, all their drinks on the menu are $8 all the time (pretty much unheard of outside of a dive bar in L.A.)

Just before their launch last week, I was invited to sample their new cocktails—and pleased to find out the ones I've tried are all pretty good, including:
Pitfire cocktails
  • Rumpkin Pie w Coruba dark rum, carrot syrup, pumpkin spices, lemon juice & soda - not too sweet or overly spiced up, this slightly effervescent drink is great for that "not quite Autumn" weather that's standard in SoCal.
  • Moscow Mule - they have this on tap (and it makes me wonder why more places don't), and it's a solid cocktail - good carbonation, nice gingery bite & just enough limey tang to balance it all out.
  • Cognac Boston Sour - they have three styles of sours here w your pick of base spirit, I opted for the Boston style (slightly less acidic & shaken w egg white) with Cognac, which made for a delightfully light and frothy dessert cocktail.
I only wished I had more liver to try more of their offerings (particularly their classics such as Manhattans, Sazeracs & Negronis.) But guess that'll have to wait till next time.

Pitfire Food To help soak the drinks up, we were also served plenty of Pitfire's tasty grub, including offerings from their new bar menu (smoked olives, oven roasted chicken wings with a spicy-garlicky rub) as well as their Fall seasonal items, including a comeback of my favorite pizzas from Autumns past: brussel sprouts with bacon & fresh mozzarella and the roasted pumpkin with fontina, pumpkin oil & sage browned butter. Another recurring favorite is their Farmer's Market platter, a selection of deftly prepared seasonal vegetables for those rare occasions when I'm not feeling "carby."

For something new: I also enjoyed their spaghetti tossed with linguica sausage ragout—robust & bold and totally perfect for the next rainy day so I can dive into this deep dish of comforting pasta. 

And as thrilled as I am to have a wallet-friendly drinks (and eats) option adjacent to West Hollywood, I can't wait for the cocktail menu to roll out to its other locations, especially downtown L.A.

Other write-ups about Pitfire's cocktail menu launch:
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801 N Fairfax Ave #101
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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