Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beer Tasting: Abita's Andygator

Since I'm in Southern California, beers from Abita Brewery (from the other LA) are fairly uncommon to come by. And when their beers do make an appearance, it is usually the Purple Haze (their lager brewed with raspberries) or Turbodog (their rich, almost chocolaty dark ale) that gets most recognition. While I do enjoy both beers, for me -- my favorite of their line up is the Andygator (with their Pecan Harvest Ale being a close runner-up, though I haven't seen, let alone tasted, that one in a LONG time...)
Abita's Andygator

What I love about the Andygator is its balance of flavors, aromas and body. It's got a bit of tropical fruitiness and caramel-toffee sweetness on the initial nose & palate, but far from being a fruit and sugar bomb. That's followed by slightly toasty maltiness and just enough hops to make it satisfyingly rich and refreshingly light at the same time (and fear not, bitterphobes - this beer only clocks in at a mild 25 IBUs.) All this makes for a brew that's approachable for many but with enough complex nuances for a beer enthusiast to appreciate.

But where this Andygator really snaps is with its ABV, it clocks in at 8% but tastes considerably lighter -- and one can easily quaff a bomber-sized bottle only to feel its bite a few minutes later (as I did.) Thus, I'm super stoked they just started selling them in more manageable six-packs of 12 ounce bottles (with a giveaway to commemorate the occasion, with one lucky winner getting a 2 nights hotel stay, VIP brewery tour & a swamp safari).

But until they make their way to the West Coast, or me seeing it on tap at local bar, I guess I'll have to wrangle a drinking buddy to share this 22 ounce of potent deliciousness. All the while hoping for more of Abita's seasonal & specialty brews to make landfall in "the other LA" out here.

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