Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dr. Chocolate Appointment: Chuao's Firecracker Bar

I make no excuses for my daily Dr. Chocolate ritual (cheaper than actual therapy - I'd say!) or for my eccentric tastes in chocolate. One of my recurring unusual obsessions are chili-infused dark chocolate bars; I absolutely love the way that intense bittersweet chocolate gives way to chili's heat. Depending on the bar, sometimes it's a warming tingle, other times - a flash of fire. Either way, I love it!

And while I do enjoy many kinds of dark chocolate-chili bars—my regular rotation include Vosges' Red Fire, Moonstruck's Chile Variado and Cost Plus World Market's Chili Lime—my current favorite definitely has to be Chuao's Firecracker Bar (though their Spicy Maya is really good too!) Actually, 'current' makes it sound like some flighty fling when it's really been a years-long affair, ever since I discovered them in truffle form at one of their stores.

What really elevates this one above the other chocolate-chili bars is the inclusion of sea salt and, more notably, mini pop rock candies embedded right in the bar. You can let the bar melt on your tongue for a gentle fizzle, or chew it down for a loud ringing pop (I half-expect to see actual fireworks in my mouth, as if I'm biting into a wintergreen candy). Either way, that release of CO2 is not only fun, but briefly amps up the spice factor of the chipotle chili.

I've since moved onto to try other Chuao bars and flavors, and as tasty as they were (particularly Maple Bacon, Honey Comb and Pop Corn Pop - the last of which also features popping candy) the Firecracker Bar's uniquely delightful & delicious experience definitely has a special place on my tastebuds. Likewise for its more luxurious truffle, which I always make room for when I pick out a bonbon box during my San Diego excursions.

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Photo courtesy of Chuao Chocolatier

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