Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Noodling Around @ Tsujita LA Annex

I've heard plenty about Tsujita's "artisan noodles" for a while, but until a few months ago, it was a lunch-only offering. That pretty much trimmed my chances of checking it out to near nil, since I neither live nor work near the "Little Osaka" strip of Sawtelle and rarely do I crave a hot bowl of ramen for lunch—especially in this weather!

So, I'm glad that they finally opened their Annex in April at the former GR/eats spot (a place that I remembered being decent, though a bit lackluster compared to the other dining hotspots in the area,) and that they are serving up noodles thru midnight every day.

Which makes it a natural choice for post-drinking grub after nearby Plan Check and/or Freddy Smalls -- *ahem*

Tsujita LA Annex Though having said that, I think my eyes got the better of my appetite -- their tsukemen with extra char siu is gianormous, and between the rich 60-hours-in-the-making tonkotsu broth, uber thick slices of char siu and smooth-yolked egg -- I think that was my week's allowance of cholesterol in a single bowl. And it was worth it.

Also noteworthy are the tsukemen noodles, which are thicker and more al dente than the ones offered in their ramen, I enjoyed every springy, tonkotsu-dipped mouthful.

Per the tableside instructions, I added generous spoonfuls of freshly minced garlic and onikasu ("devil's scum" per the Ramen Shaman's translation), the latter isn't as spicy as it sounds, but it does add a pleasant extra layer of aroma & flavor to the broth.

Having finally tasted it, I get the raves this place has been getting, but I'm not necessarily sure I'd consider it the definitive best myself. Or even make this a destination restaurant. But if I ever need of some post bar-hopping revival or just some luscious soupy comfort (calories be damned!) on the Westside, this place is definitely on my A-list for that. Though I might opt for an extra egg instead of all that pork next time.

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Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodle Annex
2050 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 231-0222

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